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Home » Product Catalog » iPad Sleeve Case 003

iPad Sleeve Case 003

DIY iPad sleeve case 003---theXstyle

Express your personal style and defend your device by our tailor-made ipad case, this custom iPad sleeve case provides effective protection from dust, damage or any other unexpected situations. You can also create your own gift ideas because any of your precious images can be printed on this DIY iPad case, giving uniqueness and protection at the same time. Design your iPad case now with theXstyle.

iPad Sleeve Case 003


Product Description

This custom iPad sleeve case comes with a simple, light weight design, it can effectively protects your iPad 1, 2, or iPad 3 from shocks, dust, static, and scratches, the iPad case also water proven. Futhermore the DIY feature allow you to design your own iPad case through theXstyle.com. Custom your iPad case now.  


1. Slim, light weight design 

2. High durability; 

3. Protection-effective; 

4. Shock and scratch resistant; 

5. Custom-made for all iPad models. 

As low as: S$ 19.70
Item Rating:

Size/Color Guide

OS for iPad and the new ipad

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