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terms of use

General Terms and Conditions of theXstyle Pte. Ltd. 


§ 1 General Information 


For any order or information from this website, pls email: sales@theXstyle.com.  


§ 2 Responsibility for Online Offer 



(1) theXstyle is responsible for any articles and designs offered in this online Shop.  



§ 3 Standard Terms 


(1) By sending an order form on the internet, the customer makes a binding offer for a contract of sale. theXstyle sends an order confirmation e-mail to the customer. The confirmation does not represent an acceptance of the offer, but only acknowledge to the customer that their order was received by theXstyle. The contract is only accepted when theXstyle ships the product to the customer and confirms the shipment (shipment confirmation) to the customer in a second e-mail. 


(2) theXstyle reserves the right to reject any received orders for any reason with notice to the customer. 


(3) The contract ends with the delivery to the customer supplied address. If there is any interruction of delivery, and theXstyle fails to cover a substitute transaction in a reasonable timeframe, the customer shall be informed. 


§ 4 Delivery / Shipment 



(1) The delivery will be shipped within one weeks at the latest for Singapore, and other countries, normall within 2 weeks, which depends on the delievery time for that country. Once order confirmed, it will be processed whtin 2 days and shipped out within another 2 days.  


(2) Delivery is available to most of the countries.  



(3) Singapore is free shipping, but other country customer has to py standard shipping costs which may depend on order value, and where the order is shipped to if not Singapore. Shipping prices will auto calculated when check out.  




§ 5 Payment 



(1) Payment will be carried out by using paypal, or eNets(for singapore only) or bank transfer.  



§ 6 Conditional Sale 



(1) Until the order is shipped out, theXstyle is still the owner of the product.  


(2) The customer is required to handle the product with care up to the transfer of ownership. 



§ 7 Guarantee 



(1) Any information from any source are of an informational nature. No responsibility is accepted by theXstyle for the correctness of this information.  


(2) Any nature defects which fall under warranty, the customer shall be entitled to a replacement, cancel the order, or keep the order at a reduced price, agreed by both parties. 


(3) The term of limitation for claims under warranty for the goods provided is 6 months starting from the receipt of such goods. 



§ 8 Limitation of Liability 



(1) theXstyle only bears responsibility for damages of the product itsel. theXstyle´s liability is limited to the payment of the foreseeable. 



§ 9 Copyrights to Print Designs, Release from Liability 



(1) If the customer uploads their own design or/and text, the customer assures theXstyle that text and design are free from any third-party rights. The costs for possible infringements of copyright, personal rights or naming rights are to be borne completely by the customer, in this case.  


(2) The customer shall promptly reimburse theXstyle for all defense costs and other damages resulting from any third-part infingments which are due to customer.  



§ 10 Technical and Design Deviations 


We reserve the right to deviate from any information in any resource, as far as these can be considered reasonable for the customer.  



§ 11 Data Protection 



The personal data given (i.e. name, e-mail address, mailing address) for ordering products are used by theXstyle for fulfilment and handling of the contract. This data is treated confidentially by theXstyle and is not given to any third parties. 



About the Shop 


1. Objective of agreements 


a. The design provided by the shop owner will be printed by theXstyle and mail to the end customer.  

b. The shop owner can promote the shops online, or offline, and the shop owner will receive a profit-related commissions according to the shop's sales performance on a monthly base.  



2 Usage Rights 


(1) The granting of usage rights to theXstyle takes place non-exclusively and for an unlimited period of time up to the canceling of the agreement by either party. Any products on order, in the process of manufacturing, or in shipping before such cancellation will continue to be fulfilled. 


(3) Copyrights or other rights to a print design provided by the Shop Owner remain with the Shop Owner. theXstyle is not entitled to distribute designs of the owner either in its own shops, in shops of third parties or via other channels of distribution if the shop owner has not expressly agreed to this. 


(4) theXstyle is allowed to use the Shop Owner’s print design for advertising purposes 


3 Usage and Third-Party Rights 


(1) The Shop Owner is fully responsible for the content uploaded to the Shop. 


(2) The Shop Owner guarantees that the content and/or print designs – which he provided to theXstyle.com according to these general terms and conditions – was created by him and/or that he is the owner of all usage rights to the content and/or design.  


(3) The Shop Owner assures that all content and print designs uploaded to the Shop are free of third-party rights and that their usage does not infringe upon copy rights or other third-party rights. 


(4) The Shop Owners assures that the respective print design provided for use to theXstyle is also in accordance with other regulations.  


(5) If third parties assert claims due to infringement of their rights, theXstyle reserves the right to withhold commissions till final clarification of the legal dispute. 


(6) The Shop Owner is obliged to inform theXstyle in writing or email for any copy right related issue.  



(7) The Shop Owner is liable towards theXstyle for all damages suffered by theXstyle resulting from any copy right issues provided by the Shop Owner, in particular publishing and reproduction, when this violates third-party rights and/or infringes upon other statutory regulations. 



4 Payment of the Shop Owner 



(1) The Shop Owner receives a a predefined commission for every product sold in his Shop, the commision rate is decide by the shop owners before the product sold, excluding returns. 


(2) The amount of the commission is set by shop owners in the admin.  


(3) The product price is the base price, plus commission. TheXstyle reserves the right to change of the base price at any time. 


(4) Settlement of payment of the commission to the Shop Owner will be made monthly(end of every month). The minimum amount payable is S$25. If the commission exceeds an amount of S$50.00 , then the shop owner can request payment at any time, but not more often than once a month. theXstyle can decide if payment is made by transfer, check or paypal. if the amounts less than the minimum amount payable are paid after cancellation of all agreements between theXstyle and the Shop Owner regarding the Shop within one months of the cancellation coming into effect.  




5. Rights to Change Service 



(1) TheXstyle can change Shop Administration, shop offerings, product offerings, guidelines, pricing, availability, business operations, and order processing at any time. 



6. Period of Validity / Cancellation 



This agreement is considered valid until it is cancelled by either party.