About Us

theXstyle Pte. Ltd was set up in Singapore in 2011. its bussiness focus on design and print tote bag, cotton bag, laptop bag, drawstring bag pouch, messenger bag, sling bag. All the bags desinged by theXstyle is customizable, and with ready stocks in Singapore. The major printing technic for the tote bag printing in Singapore is the latest digital transfer printing, and all the bag designed by theXstyle can be used for silkscreen printing or painting. 


Custom Printing Tote Bag In Singapore

There are a lot of ways to custom tote bag printing, common method is either use silkscreen printing or transfer printing. Normally silkscreen printing is for less than 4 colors design while transfer printing is for multicolors design. Silkscreen printing on Tote bag will look more nature than transfer printing. For those Tote bag that has low budget, and more than a few hundred pcs, silkscreen printing is the best custom tote bag method. This is the example of Custom tote bag use silkscreen printing method: 

IF your printing design has multiple color, the other way is to use transfer printing on tote bags. Transfer printing is to print on a trasnfer paper first, then press onto the tote bag, the printing normally use eco solvent ink which will make it brighter and sharper. Here is the sample for custom tote bag with transfer printing: 

As you can see, the printing design is multiple color with gradient effect, therefore, transfer printing is the only choice.  

Customized Drawstring Bag Printing. 

Customized Drawstring Bag Is Another Improtant Service That We Provide. We Have Different Type and Differnt Size Of Drawstring Bags Available, and Of Course We Have Different Material As Well. Some Drawstring Bags Are Backpack Style, and Some are traditional Drawstring Bags Like Pouch, Or We Just Call Them Pouch. Small Type Of Drawstring Bag Are Mainly To Hold Small Items Like Mobiles, Pencile, and Wallets, Therefore, Most Of the Drawstring Bag Users Are Students and Primary School Students, For Those Backpack Style Drawstring Bags, The Size Are Too Big for Primary School Students, thus, Most Of the Users Are Secondary School and Above Students, and Those Drawstring Backpack are Very Useful Because they are Big enough To Hold A lot Of Items. Currently, Most Of The Drawstring Bags Are Eighter Made Of Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Or Like Us to Start To Use Tyvek Material For Drawstring Backpacks. Because The Material Of Drawstring Bag Are The Same As Tote Bag, The Custom Printing Technic Will Be The Same As Tote Bag As Well, Which Means, Either Custom Printing By Silkscreen Printing Or Transfer Printing, if Not Sublimation Printing Method Will Be Use For Custom Drawsring Bag. 

Custom Tyvek Tote Bag Printing

Tyvek Material was Developed By Scientists from Dupont in 1950s by mistake, It is as thin as paper, as light as paper, but as strong as fabric, and it is also water proof. Tyvek was used in package, construction, and now it is being used in fashion as well. With some special treatment, we customized bags from specially treated tyvek material, the tyvek bag is light, water proof, strong, and it has very good shape. Further more, we have developed a new printing technology so that every tyvek bags develped by us can be personalized printed with your own designs. So now, besideds cotton canvas tote bag, we have tyvek tote bag, tyvek pouch, tyvek backpacks. Come and Customized your own tyvek bag now. 

With Our Own special printing technology, we can now custom printing your design onto our tyvek bags,and no quantity requirements,which means, we can custom print one bag for you. 


Tyvek is a very special material, it is water proof, we have customized different type of tyvek tote bag, tyvek backpack,tyvek pouches base this properties. 

Custom Tote Bag, Drawswtring Bag, Pouch Use Sublimation Printin

Sublimation printing is a very popular method for Custom Tote Bag, Custom Pouch, and Custom Drawstring Bags. Normally Sublimation Printing on Polyester Cotton mixed with Polyester material, But Not On Cotton Material. When There are A Lot Of Colors For Your Custom Designs, Or There Are Gradient Colors, Or You Want To Cover The Whole Bag With The Custom Design, Sublimation Printing Is The Best Choice. Sublimation Printed Tote Bag, Pouch, Drawstring Bags Last Longer Than Silkcreen Printing and Transfer Printing, But The Cost Is also Normally More Expensive Because the Yield Is normally Lower Than the Other Two Method, Factory Need To Take Out Those Bad Printed Bags Before Sewing. So If You Want To Custom Tote Bag, Custom Drawstring Bag, Or Custom Pouch, First Of All, Need to Know Your Design, Then Choose The Custom Printing Method. 

High Quality, Reasonable Price Custom Bag in Singapore. 

As A Professional Tote Bag, Cottton Bag, Drawstring Bag, Canvas Bag, Backpack Company, We Not Only Spent A lot Of Time On the Quality Of All The Custom Printing Of Tote Bags, We Also Always Keep Improving Our Tote Bag Quality And Custom Printing Quality As Well. Every Year, We Spend 30% Of The Revenue On The Quaity Improvment Of Custom Tote Bag Printings, And We Also Keep An Eye On The New Material Developments So That We Can Always Provide The Best Tote Bag To Our Customers.