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Tote Bag Printing Make Things Better.  As a professional tote bag printing, tote bag design and tote bag manufacturing company, we started tote bag business since 2012 and we sold more than 5,000,000 tote bags and we sold almost 1,000,000 bags every year. We Have tons of experience in making bags with different designs, different material, and defferent printing methods. Base on the requirements, and the usage of the bags, we choose the material to meet the requirements, but we always use the top quality material so that the tote bag we made is the best among the class. 

Tote bag material. From canvas, cotton, polyester, nylon, non woven, leather, we have differetn material for you to choose, base on your budget, and base on your requrements. Non woven is the cheapest material among all, while for cotton canvas, there are a lot of grade, from thin to thick, and the price is different significantly, the thinner the material, the cheaper the price. So if we just talke about tote bag, you can have thousands of price. Before customized a tote bag, we need to set the target price, and what we want to hold with this tote bag, and also, the tote bag printing design is another factor which will affect our choice of material. 

Custom Tote Bag Printing Method. There are a lot of different ways to customize tote bag, the simple way and cheaper way is to use silkscreen printing, for silkscreen printing, the printing design need to be in solid color, and the quantity of tote bags need to be big like a few hundred, if both requriements met, silkscreen printing has a huge advantage in term of cost, and the result is very good as well by using silkscreen print tote bag. Silkscreen printing can be applied almost on any material, thus, silkscreen printing method for tote bag is the most used printing method. After silkscreen printing tote bag, transfer printing is another mosted used printing method, if the printing design is colorful, or there is gradient in color, transfer printing is widely used. The cost for transfer printing is much higher than silkscreen printing, however, there is almost no quanity requirements for transfer printing tote bag which make transfer printing the most offten used method for small quantity. 

Custom Drawstring Bag Supplier. Drawstring bag is one of the most commonly used bags in our daily life, regardless of ages. When you want to go out for sports, carry a water proof drawstring bag with all the items inside, when you just want to go out for walk, carry a canvas drawstring bag, or even when you go oversea, you can also carry a drawstring bag with all your necessaries inside. A drawstring bag can be made of water proof material like nylon, or polyester, or if you want the drawstring bag to be more eco friendly, you can choose cotton cavnas drawstring bag. As a professional drawstring bag supplier company, we have nylon drawstring bag, canvas drawstring bag, and polyester drawstring, but first of all, all our drawstring bags can be customized, which means, you can customized drawstring bag with your own creative designs!. How fun it will be if you carry a customized drawstirng bag with your own special design! Like our tote bag, we keep our drawstring bag with ready stock in Singapore, you can either buy our plain drawstring bag or you use choose our customize printing serive to custom your own drawstring bag. 


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