Custom Drawstring Bag Printing

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Home By Products Bag and Pouches Custom Drawstring Bag Printing
Home By Products Bag and Pouches Custom Drawstring Bag Printing

Drawstring bags are one of the most useful bags in our daily life. There are different types of drawstring bags which made from different material. Normally drawstring bags are made from soft-material like thin canvas, or cotton, and some are made from non woven or nylon. each material show different property. 

Cotton or canvas drawstring bag are the most commonly used. especially thin cotton or canvas, like those 8 Oz cotton or canvas, they are strong, but soft, easy to pull. Cotton and canvas are eco friendly and sustainable material, safe for the environment, therefore, cotton or canvas drawstring bags are the most popular drawstring bag. furthermore, cotton and canvas can be printed with either silkscreen printing or digital printing, or even paintings. Most of our drawstring bags use A grade cotton canvas material, 8 Oz, 100% cotton, which is 100% eco friendly material, very soft but very strong, there are various of size available for you to chose, excellent corporate gifts or package for your personal gifts. 

non woven drawstring bag is also useful, they care realatively cheaper than cotton drawstring bags, non woven drawstring bag is also eco friendly drawstring bags, but normally used for one time, therefore, it is cheaper compare to cotton canvas drawstring bags. 

As a drawstring bag supplier and custom drawstring bag printing company, we provide various of professional solution for drawstring bags, from different designs, different material and differernt printing method base on your corporate requirements or personal requirements.