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Home By Products Custom Mug Porcelain Mugs and Tablewares
The finer, smooth texture characterizes porcelain. Both ceramic and porcelain mugs are usually covered with a glaze. Porcelain should feel pretty glass-like when made right, while ceramic can vary from smooth to rough, porcelain is just a “fancy” type of ceramic. Both porcelain and ceramic are made out of clay. They are the result of firing clay at a specific temperature, and the exact temperature and technique do differ for both, though. That’s what makes them different! Neither of these materials is glass – arguably the best material to drink coffee out of. Porcelain is a bit daintier than ceramic. It also tends to be crafted in a “fancier” manner. Porcelain mugs look nicer. 

Porcelain is often described as smoother and denser. However, they are sometimes made very thin, which makes them less durable. Porcelain can be made thick, though. It just depends on the design. 

We have different types of porcelain mugs, porcelain tablewares in stocks, and all the porcelain mugs and tableware can be custom printed with your own designs and logo, which make it into a special corporate gifts or birthday gift ideas. 

Simply choose the porcelain mugs that you want, upload your own design to personalise your own porcelain mugs and porcelain tablewares.