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Customised tote bag as your corporate gifts online

thexstyle SuOct 10, '20

The idea behind promotional products is to increase brand awareness. A custom tote bag can be a cheap yet extremely effective marketing tool. Tote bag printing can help you customise a bag that best represents your brand.

water bottle printing in Colors

thexstyle SuJan 28, '204 comments

s a professional custom printing corporate gift company, we continuously bring in new customise printing technology for our customers. Besides laser engraving, we now bring in the digital UV printing technology with circular adaptors. The new custom printing technology allow us not only directly print on the regular items, but also allow us to directly print on circular items like water bottles. 

Luggage Tag Printing

thexstyle SuJan 23, '204 comments

Now with our bamboo luggage tag, we can print your colorful designs and customise the luggage tag as you want. You can choose digital customisation printing, or laser engraving of the luggage tag with your own printing design, there is no MOQ required, which means, you can print one luggage tag, or you can choose to print 1000 luggage tag with different designs. We have ready stock for our bamboo luggage tag as this bamboo are eco friendly material.

transfer printing on tote bag

Bold Commerce CollaboratorJan 17, '204 comments

There are a lot of ways of customisation process for tote bag printing, digital transfer printing on tote bag is one of the very popular and common way. Transfer printing is a method of decorating tote bag using vinyl paper the transferred by pressing onto the tote bag. this customised printing process is call transfer printing. 

custom thermos flask printing in Singapore

Bold Commerce CollaboratorJan 16, '204 comments

Thermos flask is widely used in our daily life, mainly used to keep water warm or cold, most of thermos flask consists of 2 or triple layers, and insulated layer in between.  According to some information source, the vacuum flask was designed and invented by Scottish scientist Sir James Dewar in 1892...