Custom corporate gift ideas

Custom corporate gift ideas

Great Gift Ideas: The 8 Best Custom Corporate Gifts Singapore

Great Gift Ideas: The 8 Best Custom Corporate Gifts Singapore

Looking for great gifts for your professional network? Check out the 10 best custom corporate gifts Singapore to find what you're looking for!

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Whether it's Christmas time, someone's birthday or any other gift-giving session, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. Especially when it comes to sending corporate gifts.

You need to find the right balance between professionalism and personal care. And it's a fine line!

The wrong gift could end up shoved to the bottom drawer or even worse, offend someone. Whereas the right gift can strengthen business relationships and boost your branding at the same time.

But what's the goal of professional gifts? And what are the best corporate gifts Singapore has to offer? Read on for all the info you need on choosing professional gifts.

What's the Goal of a Corporate Gift?

The goal of a corporate gift is to express appreciation for a business relationship. And at the same time impress your network. Who falls into this category?

  • Your regular customers
  • Prospective clients
  • Hard-working employees
  • Company shareholders
  • Suppliers
  • The local community
  • Charities and causes

Making the right impression doesn't have to come with a huge price tag. But it does need to give off the right vibes.

Your well-chosen corporate gift should boost your company's image. And also solidify your positioning with them. Because if your gift is random, while a nice gesture, it won't do anything to boost your branding.

In short, the gift you give will become a mini-advertisement for your company—so make sure you pick the right one!

Top 8 Professional Gifts

Now you know the low-down on the goal of giving professional gifts. What are the best professional gifts you can give?

"The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness, rather than in its value".

Yes, choose a practical gift that is not only useful but one that reminds the recipient of YOUR company. And it doesn't have to break the bank either. Read on for some appropriate gift ideas for your professional network.

1. Beat the Business Card

While business cards have their place, a better incentive to give to prospective clients is a bamboo bookmark. In fact, 88% of the business cards you hand out will be sadly thrown in the trash within the first week. But nobody will throw away a stunning bamboo bookmark.

More durable than a traditional cardboard bookmark, a bamboo bookmark gives off eco-friendly vibes. Laser engrave your own design and message to create a memorable corporate gift. It's not only useful, but the clever design will remind the client of your company.

2. The Employee of the Year

One of the best ways to thank your employees for their hard work is to give them a corporate gift that reminds them of their time working at the company. Mini gifts for employee of the month are great incentives to encourage an active workplace. For example, customized pens or keychains.

Of course, an employee of the year deserves more than an engraved pen. Why not gift the perfect employee a classic leather messenger bag? Engrave your companies logo and their personal name, and they will treasure the practical, yet sentimental gift for a lifetime.

3. Let's Get Technical

Some of the best custom corporate gifts are things to do with technology. In fact, research tells us that the average person spends more time on technology than they do sleeping!

Tap into that love of technology with tech-themed gifts. From employees to customers to suppliers and shareholders. Gifts, such as tablet sleeves or laptop cases are perfect gift ideas for all.

Another great gift idea for techies is a USB flash drive. Think of a pen-drive as a new-age promotional pen. You can be sure these techy-gift ideas will be well-used in this digital age.

4. Give Something Back

When you're giving to charity, simple gifts that all ages can enjoy are the best choices. A simple gift is a fridge magnet. Bamboo fridge magnets are great for eco-friendly charities. And ceramic magnets are a classy choice for modern businesses.

Create a design that combines your business branding with a chosen charity. For example, gift bamboo drinking straws to a charity trying to clean up trash in the ocean. This can create awareness for the cause and show the world your support.

5. Drinks All Round

If you're looking for super-practical gift ideas, custom drinkware is a handy option. From thermos flasks and tumblers to mugs and cups, drinkware is a practical gift for the office.

Adding your logo and branding to the drinkware will encourage your employees to keep focused on the job. Even when they're taking a well-needed coffee break.

6. End of Year Bonus

Whether it's your hard-working employees, loyal customers, or steady suppliers. An end-of-year gift is a wonderful boost in spirits for all. A practical, yet festive gift is a good-old bottle of wine.

But maybe this year, instead of giving a standard bottle of wine, why not give them custom corporate gifts instead? For example, customized wine glasses or a custom wine bottle. A wine opener set is also a festive way to say thank you at the end of the year.

7. For the Traveling TeamDepending on your business, there may be members of your team who have to travel long distances often. A handy gift for the traveling member of your team is a custom luggage tag.

Bamboo and aluminum luggage tag designs look effortlessly stylish. And if you add your branding, they'll be a walking advertisement wherever in the world they go!

8. Say It With Stationary 

A simple way to reward your staff members is to award them with some handy stationery. From pens and notebooks to custom cardholders and rulers, stationary is always a welcome gift in the office.

The Best Corporate Gifts Singapore Has to Offer

It's clear to see that buying a corporate gift takes more thought and effort than a simple Christmas present for a relative. Find the PERFECT gift that matches YOUR company and gives off the RIGHT vibes!

If you're looking for the best corporate gifts Singapore has to offer, you've come to the right place. Check out our range of custom corporate gifts that help to grow your business from strength to strength.

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