custom thermos flask printing in Singapore

Bold Commerce CollaboratorJan 16, '204 comments

Thermos flask is widely used in our daily life, mainly used to keep water warm or cold, most of thermos flask consists of 2 or triple layers, and insulated layer in between.  According to some information source, the vacuum flask was designed and invented by Scottish scientist Sir James Dewar in 1892...

Custom waterbottle as your corporate gifts

thexstyle SuApr 25, '19

Are your employees still using disposable cups every time they want to get something to drink? If so, here's a solution for you: stop that. Disposable plastic cups may have their conveniences, but they don't outweigh their problems. Oftentimes you have to pay more to have them removed from your office, and you aren't doing anyone a service by placing them in a landfill. Also, they tend to look hideous—and who wants that around their place?

Custom thermal flask with your own designs

thexstyle SuApr 9, '191 comment

Custom your own thermal flask and water bottle with your texts, logo to make your own personal gift or corporate gifts online. No quantity requirement, engrave in Singapore. Get it any time.