Custom waterbottle as your corporate gifts

Custom waterbottle as your corporate gifts

Are your employees still using disposable cups every time they want to get something to drink? If so, here's a solution for you: stop that.

Disposable plastic cups may have their conveniences, but they don't outweigh their problems.

Oftentimes you have to pay more to have them removed from your office, and you aren't doing anyone a service by placing them in a landfill. Also, they tend to look hideous—and who wants that around their place?

In short, it's time for you to upgrade to something more reasonable, and we have a suggestion for you: the custom water bottle.

Getting a water bottle is not only a great way to get your employees to start thinking about the environment (and look cool doing it) but they also make some of the best corporate gifts for clients as well, and at little cost to you.

Why a Custom Waterbottle Is the Best Gift to Give

A custom water bottle is one of the best gifts that you could give anyone, both in and out of the office. Here are a few reasons why you should consider making a few of your own.

1. They're Good for the Environment

We thought we'd list the most important reason first.

We all know that the environment gives us everything that we need to live our happy lives. We also know that we're doing a pretty crummy job returning the favor.

Disposable cups are left scattered everywhere after they've been used. The majority are placed in a landfill, but many are still discarded on the side of the road or litter parks and other properties.

By using a water bottle, you're helping to fight back.

Give your employees custom corporate gifts like water bottles so they—and you—can start taking better care of the place that we live on.

2. They Promote Uniformity

You and your employees are all in this together, right? Using company customized items is one great way to send that message—and nothing is better than giving water bottles as a custom corporate gift.

When you make custom bottles, you're creating something that embodies the company, both in name and in the spirit of the business. Your employees are there because they believe in your cause, and this shows them you care back.

If you want to make it extra special, try having their names placed on each individual bottle. We guarantee they'll love you for it.

3. They Make Clients Feel Extra Special

In terms of business, clients are like your extended family. Even though they aren't directly a part of your company, they still support you in what you do and make your dreams a reality. So why not return the love?

A water bottle is an easy way to show them how much you care and makes them feel like they really are one of the crew. Make sure to have a variety of colors so that each client can pick the bottle of their choice.

We like It Custom

A custom water bottle is a great way to go—and we can help you get the ones that you want.

We customize everything that you could possibly think of, from towels to bags, and pretty much anything else you can place a label on. Reach out to us and see what we can do. We look forward to working with you!

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