Luggage Tag Printing

Luggage Tag Printing


The usage of luggage tag has been a while, luggage tag also called bag tag, prior to the 1990s, airline bag tags consisted of a paper tag attached with a string.

Normally, the tag contained basic information:

  • Airline/carrier name
  • Flight number
  • Baggage tag number (composed of the two-letter airline code and six digits)
  • Destination airport code

Now with our bamboo luggage tag, we can print your colorful designs and customise the luggage tag as you want. You can choose digital customisation printing, or laser engraving of the luggage tag with your own printing design, there is no MOQ required, which means, you can print one luggage tag, or you can choose to print 1000 luggage tag with different designs. We have ready stock for our bamboo luggage tag as this bamboo are eco friendly material. 

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