tote bag printing method

tote bag printing method

There are quite a few tote bag printing methods. Silk screen, heat transfer print, sublimation print, or so called DTG printing. All these customisation are widely used in current tote bag printing service. 

Silkscreen is cheap compare to others printings, while silkscreen need to have some quantity requirements, and there shall not have ore than 4 colors or gradient colors for the printing design, while almost all the material can be silkscreen printed. 

Heat transfer printing also widely used, normally when there are more than 4 colors in the printing design, the customization method for tote bag will be heat transfer printing. Heat transfer printing required high temperature like 150 to 180 degree, and used a heat press to press the vinyl material onto the bag so that the vinyl sticker will stick to the bag. 

For other printing method like sublimation and DTG printing, we will discuss it later. 

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